Nov 11,2019 Aug 10,2020

Digital Uprisers


Digital marketing is a blanket term for which holds all the tools for Digital marketing and we here at Digital Uprisers provide you with all of them. Whether in terms of electronics or the internet we have it all. Digital Uprisers is your one-stop solution for all the digital marketing needs. 100+ clients have used the services from Digital Uprisers and have earned the cumulative revenue of 2M+.


The company is based in multiple countries and the clients are from more. They are providing a wide-level of services in the niche of Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Drop Shopping and are a partner with Shopify. The biggest challenge in this project was to cater to all the services and a wide range of clients. They needed a solution that would be very simple yet adding all these details.

Another challenge was since the company itself is a service provider in Digital Marketing and SEO, its team expected very high standards when it comes to designs, layout, implementation, and even links and content. The next challenge was their existing site was already in place and the newer version had to be better, not just in terms of UX and UI but also when it comes to SEO and marketing related stats. They found Aescalate because of the positive word related to our quality and trusted us with this task.


Our team worked with the Digital Uprisers team closely, we monitored their work patterns, services they are providing, things they focus on, and had user interviews for the first week. Once the details were handy, we observed the users coming from various parts of the world and their behavior, once the user report was ready, our experts started working on the layout, content, theme and the usability of the site.

Since the initial mockups, we paid special attention to simplicity, readability, and minimalistic approach so that even the non-English and not-so-technical user may find the site very suitable and user friendly. Finally, the sections and pages were carefully crafted based on user behavior and competitive analysis. Digital Uprisers team, being experts in the Digital Marketing industry was keen as to what we are working on and how it would improvise the results. We did regular scrums with the team and submitted sprint reports for validation throughout the life cycle of the development.

Finally, the efforts paid off when the new site gained 1200+ avg impressions per day just in the 3 days of the launch. Even after the launch, we are continuously monitoring the performance and maintaining the site.