Nov 11,2019 Aug 10,2020



This is a retail tech startup focusing on delivering an omni-channel shopping experience for the customers of brick and mortar stores. Our business model is designed in such a way that it has partnered with a large number of retail facilities to improve the customer’s shopping experience.


The main challenge was to find ways to integrate the platform with as many businesses as possible so that users would no longer need to register with each of them individually while shopping through their needs. Since there are scores of new businesses and markets opening daily, keeping up with them and making sure the right integration systems were in place was of key importance.

The next challenge was integration of multi-channels of purchases such as self-checkout, home delivery and self pick-up with the registered merchants who themselves are into different models of business. Since there wasn't any omni-channel marketplace available in the retail business of the target audience yet, the biggest task was to design the platform in such a way that customers and merchants both find the system equally easy.

As the platform’s main functionality is based on full integration with merchants, the project also required 24/7 monitoring and reporting.


We were able to meet client's requirements by shifting from monolithic to micro-services based architecture, which was able to divide the system into different channels of usage. Secondly, we moved to agile architecture and made the delivery continuous so that every three weeks channels are being pushed into production. This ensured that the ground team would get enough time and details for merchant training.

To make sure that the platform was fully integrated with merchants at all times with no disruptions, we also delivered round-the-clock, real-time monitoring services. They allowed us to have a full picture of the integrations at any given moment and step in to fix any issues before they escalated.

This also helped the client to produce the system to the internal board and investors. The development pipeline proved to be of value when the board was happy with the progress and merchant training went on simultaneously. When the beta customers came into the system, both merchants and the site admins were thorough with the usage of the system.