Nov 11,2019 Aug 10,2020



Moveion not just provide the services for end-to-end delivery system, it in itself is a fully integrated reliable end to end last-mile services in Electric Vehicles. The idea is to resolve day to day delivery problems and saving the planet - at the same time.


Moveion contacted us in very initial stages of their brand. Though the concept is very endearing and the idea to utilize e-vehicles in day to day operations is the need of the hour, the challenge was to showcase it with the delivery industry. Our task was small - to create a brand identity, yet it had to be subtle and encouraging for both users of the delivery industry as well as the end-users who support clean energy for day to day operations.


After thorough brainstorming and market research, the experts working on this task quoted Jobs and agreed that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. They put down the best of both worlds - green energy and super-charged delivery platform and created a brand identity for the platform. To check if our idea worked, we ran a 10-second test with the stakeholders, we know it worked when the board, investors, and potential users understood and liked it very much in the first go.