Nov 11,2019 Aug 10,2020



OwnSpace taps into the sharing economy to help hosts(“Spacers”) earn extra income when they list and manage spaces on the platform. A wide range of people/entities can enroll as “Spacers”; taking advantage of the user clout and reach of OwnSpace to increase patronage. From guest houses to property agents, individuals in the hospitality business and even private home space renters can participate to enjoy the feeling of sharing their space, and earn while doing so.


The product was supposed to cater to an African audience where the concept was quite new. The challenge while working on this platform was to design the overall system in such a way it had to be easy to use and handle complex user-mechanism, property types, bookings, and everything in between at the same time.

Another challenge with this platform was it was to be developed over the existing code framework the client had. The framework shared was not only old but lazily developed missing some of the required guidelines in terms of scalability, robustness, and security.


Since the beginning of the project, we deployed 2 teams on this. The development engineers dissected the code, cleaned it, added it to a better, cleaner, and more secure framework. They had to go the extra mile making sure that any older piece of code doesn’t affect the quality that the newer output required. Also, the system was tested for proper functional working. While the UX team started working on creating UX reports by market analysis, user interviews, and understanding the basic infrastructure issues in the remote parts of the country.

Once the UX report was in place and the framework got cleaned, we added a new theme and designed and developed modules around it. Some newer property types added to the system making it an all-inclusive platform for all the space needs. The UI team also paid special homage to a section ‘Space for Every Child’ where the client and his team are doing a very noble cause in setting up living and education, child-friendly spaces for war-torn children.